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Seth & Co. Special Brew Nonprofit Coffee Shop Logo Remake
Seth & Co. Special Brew owner Seth McMullan packaging the non-profit's handcrafted coffee beans and coffee roasts.

our story

Where it all began

Hi, my name is Desiree. My husband John and I are the founders of Seth and CO.


Our story begins not with us, but with the gift God has given us—Our Son, Seth.


Seth has the innate ability to capture your heart.  His unspoken charisma stole our hearts and unknowingly changed our lives.  He truly saved our family.


Seth is funny, animated, and extremely talented.  He loves to sing (bring your earplugs), dance, and play the guitar. He is also quite the athlete with a track record in being a gold medalist for Special Olympics swim team and a championed blue belt in kickboxing for Tiger Schulman’s Karate.


The motivation for our mission began as Seth entered adulthood.  John and I were shocked to see the limited employment opportunities adults with special needs were offered.  We feared that Seth may become disconnected from his community and lead an unfulfilling life.  Over time, we began to hear the same concerns voiced by other parents regarding their special needs child. What will my child do for work? How will our children become valued members of society? What are the alternatives?  


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, only 19.1% of adults with disabilities were employed in 2021.


This was the awakening we needed to start our mission to create opportunities for individuals with special needs to thrive in their lives.  As a parent, our goal for our son is to know the value of a hard day’s work. Our hope for Seth and Friends is for them to never lose their curious nature, find value in themselves, and bring awareness to their communities.


John and I felt a huge push from God to create this business to give individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities possibilities.  To give them a platform to show their skills in an inclusive environment and the opportunity to be accomplished, valued, working adults experiencing the pride of a job well done.  


As advocates for the acceptance of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we hope every day to show what's possible when you give a person with differing abilities a chance.  


Seth & CO is a place where we can open the conversation up to learn more about those who may be different over a friendly cup of coffee. 

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