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Here at Seth & CO., we value honest hard work Our beans are responsibly sourced from regions all over the world including Africa, South America, and the beautiful Indonesian island of Sumatra. Our roaster is dedicated to finding high-quality beans right from the source by working with farmers as a co-op organization. This organization ensures the farmers involved receive a fair profit every harvest season. 

"We deal with the best people for the best product and make sure everyone is treated properly," says our local coffee roaster Frank Orman. 

 Every batch is artfully roasted in a 50-kilogram, German roaster built in 1954 and has been roasting beans in the United States since the 1990s.


We hand-select each roast to craft our special blends and spread joy with every batch. Seth & CO. strives to give you that luxurious "ahh" cup of coffee you have been looking for, but also ensures it was grown with love from the very beginning.

When we first started Seth & CO., we hand-mixed dozens of batches until we finally had a blend that made us say "ahh". Our goal was to have the perfect balance of smoothness with a bit of "zing" to help get your morning started. 


We know the power of a good cup of coffee--so we partnered with a private roaster who values perfection as much as we do.


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