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Seth's Story

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

The dream:

When every mother gets the news that she is pregnant, she has visions of grandeur of how perfect her pregnancy will go and all the expectations of a perfect, beautiful baby who will grow up to be an amazing successful adult.

The News:

Then you get the news, the devastating news that your baby may not be so perfect. The shock: it’s like you are in a daze then the worry and overwhelming pain come over you. You feel like you just got kicked in the stomach and somehow your body has failed you.

So many unknowns. So many questions. So much fear.

What will he or she look like? How will I be able to handle this? Will he/she suffer in pain? What will I do? How will this affect my life?!

You go through the pregnancy wanting to be happy but there is an underlying sadness and disconnect that lingers.

The birth:

Today’s the day.

My labor begins.

It is such a bittersweet moment to finally meet this baby that has been growing inside of me and at the same time faced with a tremendous fear of the unknown. It’s like you’re in the twilight zone waiting for what is lurking around the corner.

After twenty-three hours of labor and it is time for the last push, out he comes, tears fill my eyes, they lay him in my arms, and he looks right into my eyes. In an instant, I fell deeply in love with him. My heart and soul are totally connected to him for eternity.

What a beautiful, perfect little boy.

I told the nurse, “He has Down Syndrome.”

She said, “You don’t know that for sure. It's ok, honey. Let’s wait till they test him.

I told her, “I know by looking at him and it is ok—it is really ok—he is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.”

Seth’s Beginning:

The bewitching hour, they are taking Seth to the NICU. He has blown 6 holes in his intestines; he is very sick.

I will never forget the sounds of him moaning in pain like a grown man.

He’s vented. IV’s everywhere.

Burned in my brain are those big blue eyes looking up at me, so helpless. Every day he fought— he fought for his life.

We all sat by his side each day without fail, we each took shifts sitting there, loving him. What a battle, but he won the fight.

Seth Today:

There is much truth in the saying, "What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger".

As our good friend, Judy stated in her story, “There is a raw beauty in experiencing the darkest aspects of life and coming out the end of the tunnel exuding immense love, light, and warmth. This is the secret behind our secret smiles.”

Seth is the secret behind our family's smiles. There are no words that can express what he has given his family and how he has changed our lives forever for the good. People have asked us in the past if we are sorry we did not have a “normal” son.

What is “normal” anyway? We would not change a hair on his head.

He was born with a certain something: a certain charisma and charm. Nurses from the NICU wanted to adopt him. Everywhere we go people come up to him out of nowhere and love him. Nothing better than a “Seth story” to make you laugh with all the quirky things he does.

Seth has shown there is nothing you cannot do if you want it bad enough. Hard work and perseverance are the keys to success. The only failure is a failure not to try.

He is living proof by his many accomplishments that success cannot be measured by what some may consider “normal” it can be found in even the most obscure people and places.

Seth is the CEO of his coffee shop, Seth & Co Special Brew, where he is a skilled barista, and is a Special Olympics gold medal swimmer.

He has won 2 gold medals for kickboxing with Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts, and was recently cast in a Danial Roebuck film, “The Hail Mary” premiering in 2023.

He is currently working on being a model with his portfolio associated with Look Modelling Agency.

No mother could be prouder of a son than this mom is for hers. He is the best friend and companion his father always dreamed of. They sit for long hours talking, playing basketball, and don’t forget the miniature golf.

Seth has transformed our lives with love, laughter, and adventure. We could not imagine life without him.

He truly is a blessing God sent to our family to heal us and complete us.

To our Special Mothers:

I want to honor all the mothers out there brave enough to face their fear of the unknown and give life to these wonderful, selfless, loving children. You have experienced a gift to allow yourself to reach a place inside your heart of a love you never would have known existed by bravely facing the storm. What courage to allow yourself to reach another level of who you are.

With love and gratitude, we honor your bravery and Thank You.

-Desiree McMullan

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